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The state of e-commerce in Spain: 10 key strategies to succeed

Posted by Vaida Pakulyte on Oct 6, 2016 3:03:32 PM


Here at Strands we love the “expert roundups” and sincerely believe that every e-commerce thought leader has great advice he or she could spare with his fellow colleagues. No matter how big or small your e-commerce store is, you have to develop both a short-term and a long-term strategy plan and constantly optimize your site. While there are tons of advices and best practises online, you might often leave feeling totally overwhelmed, not knowing where to start when optimizing your online store, right?

When it comes to e-commerce scene in Spain, most of the executives in Spain have very high expectations for the upcoming years. According to the latest RetailMeNot annual study, e-commerce would increase 18.8% this year, placing Spain as one of the countries with the highest growth rate in Europe. Considering these important stats, we asked our fellow experts important question about the key factor to succeed and one useful advice.



Jose Luis Ferrero, Marketing Communications & E-commerce Maneger, Philips 

“Retail is Detail”

“E-commerce is all about the details and making sure every decision is customer-centric. Details as small as development of great CRM system, shipping policies, international deliveries are still a big challenge for some of the retailers. In addition to that, a growing number of retailers are switching to only online sales instead of having physical stores - therefore making it easier for people to shop online is essential.”

Fernando Siles, Head of Online Marketing, Worten

“Be Mobile Ready”

“Mobile has revolutionized the way people communicate with each other and shop online. In fact, an average digital buyer engages with their phone 40 or more times a day and feels annoyed or frustrated with a business if it has a poorly done mobile website. Even if they don't complete the purchase online - shoppers behavior and final decision are highly influenced by the mobile channel. That means a good mobile shopping experience is critical to the success of selling online. “

Greg Bulckaert, Founder & Managing Director, Bodeboca

“Predict user behavior with deep learning”

“If you truly want to engage with your shoppers, lead them intentionally towards specific products and categories on your site, you need to incorporate personalization technologies that can track behavioural, search patterns and customize the automation. By learning consumer behavior and making predictive analysis of data on your site - retailers can take a big leap towards becoming the facilitators of efficient customer journey.“

Eloy Mariaud, Director of E-commerce, Imaginarium

“Find micro-moments your brand can win”

“Omnichannel e-commerce has created many ways for marketers to connect with the consumers in a more humanized manner. Instead of a linear one-way customer journey, buyers engage with the brands in series of small time increments on a desktop, mobile or both. Google defines these incremental moments of customers as “I want to go”, I want to know”, “I want to buy”, “I want to do” moments. The interesting question is which moments of buyer´s customer journey are relevant for your e-commerce?“

Carlos Andonegui Teijiro, Director of E-commerce, VinoPremier

“Implement 1-click payments”

“Optimized payments helps retailers to acquire new customers faster, increase conversion rates and ultimately grow the revenue. Therefore make it easy, fast and convenient for the shoppers to complete the purchase on your site., Retailers should never ask to re-enter information buyers already added and minimize the steps for a purchase.”

 Jorge Cano, E-commerce Manager, Uno de 50

“Rethink your omnichannel strategy”

“Omnichannel seems to be the topic everyone likes to talk about these days. What´s important for retailers is how to remove the obstacles and move towards that omni-channel strategy. At uno de 50, we constantly iterate and learn from tests. For example, recently we noticed more traffic coming from mobile and focus to lead the visitors to complete their journey on mobile.“

Rosa Maria Hontoria, Director of Logistics, Pisamonas

“Add free shipping to your strategy”

“Not including free shipping can become one of the main barriers when it comes to completing the purchase. Adding it always grabs the attention of shoppers and works as an extra incentivizer to continue shopping or come back. It could work as an extra marketing tool gaining you an edge over the competitors.” 

Marijana Bergman, Online Marketing & Content Manager, Havaianas

“Optimize your product information”

“Buying online is getting more and more complicated. Traditional brick and mortar shoppers can see, touch and try the products,  meanwhile online shoppers might imagine product one way, and receive a totally different product in reality. Retailers can reduce this unpleasant “surprise effect” by providing a very clear information about the product. To make it even better - guarantee easy and clear delivery process with no extra fees. Companies that offer convenient checkout in every stage of the shopping experience will enjoy the fruits of victory in a competitive world of e-commerce. Lastly, it is essential to offer unique experiences online that come down to small details like packaging, exclusive offers for the best clients and “over-delivering” the expectations consumers have while shopping online. All in all, consumer is always the center of every omnichannel experience and when done well it will definitely bring them back to your site. “

Pablo Sanchez, Co-founder, PlanetaHuerto

Go big and go global

“Even if the growth rate in e-commerce is enormous, online sales represent only 5% of sales in total. That is the biggest opportunity existing now in Spain and shows the potential of online sales growth. The biggest benefit that small e-commerce startups have in this situation is to go big and market globally. It gives an opportunity to expand significantly and position themselves as leaders or innovators in the market. For that to happen, user needs to be the center of strategic plan.”

Raquel Varelo Alcaide, Co-Founder & CEO, PlayFilm

Create shoppable videos

"E-commerce content trends are changing very fast too - it is becoming more personalised and relevant for the shoppers too. As retailers are looking to find new ways to engage with their consumers, the importance of stoppable video starts to rise. The results speak for itself - according to kiss metrics, viewers are 64 - 85% more likely to watch interactive and engaging product videos"

Holiday Shopping Demo

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