A Retail Marketer´s Guide to A/B Testing Campaigns

As a successful retail marketer, optimizing your customer experience is no doubt your primary goal, but in order for their experience to translate into real value for your business, visitors must convert into paying customers.

How can you make website improvements that increase your conversions? With A/B testing campaigns, you can start making the most of your efforts.

Our new eBook, A Retail Marketer´s Guide to A/B Testing Campaigns - Top Tests You Should Be Performing, will help you identify the top A/B test you should be performing.


  • What A/B testing campaigns are and how they can help your business
  • In-depth A/B testing steps for your ecommerce site, including how to generate hypotheses about specific touch-points of your website
  • Specific campaign examples for online retailers
  • Common mistakes in ecommerce A/B testing