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The silver bullet to compensate the rising costs of customer acquisition

Posted by Marcel Schut on May 3, 2016 4:38:52 PM

As a retailer you will probably recognize this problem. Shoppers come to your store, look at a specific product, ask your sales staff all kinds of questions and then they leave without buying.

This happens everyday and many retailers have accepted this phenomenon. In fact, some forward thinking retailers have turned this ´problem´ into an opportunity and are considering their physical store as a ´supporting act ´ to their website where friendly and knowledgeable customer service employees strengthen the brand experience and generate credibility that will support the online store.

Fact remains that 81% of todays shoppers have done their research before they enter your store. Their research consists mainly of product & price comparison and product reviews. While they are conducting their research they click on paid search ads and links from price comparison sites. Good news for search engines and price comparison websites, but for you as a retailer this has a negative impact on both your eCPA and the conversion rates of your website.

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