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5 Ways Strands Recommendation Engine Helps Convert and Retain Customers

Posted by Paul Kaye on Mar 26, 2015 10:49:00 PM

EcommerceRecommendationEngineWhen shopping online, every technical module that a store has is designed to move a shopper through the conversion funnel as effectively as possible: search, navigational structure, images, reviews, and other information enable locating exactly what we are looking for nearly effortlessly.  But what’s missing from many eCommerce pages is that little voice of confirmation saying, “that’s going to look great on you,” or “you know, that skirt would look great with this top.”

Shopping online is usually a personally singular experience: we don’t do it with friends hanging over our shoulders, and when social media gets involved, it usually takes some time to get back responses that we would normally receive instantly if we were in the physical store with our friends or a helpful salesperson was right there next to us. As a result, many shoppers abandon their carts. And for the store marketer, this almost always means lost investment.

The Strands Recommendation Engine can step in as that trusted voice to help keep the solo eCommerce shopper moving efficiently toward a profitable, completed sale, and improving the customer experience overall.

Here’s how it works:

There are over 100 ways to set up the Strands system, and regardless of how sophisticated your merchandising needs are, you’ll be able to do everything you need to promote the right product to the right person at the right time.

Here are five basic strategies using simple plug-and-play widgets that have been proven to result in sales lift, more profitable transactions, and a better customer experience.

1. Make Sure to Highlight Your Top Sellers on your Homepage and All Category Pages. You should promote your top sellers from the past day, week, or month on these pages. This marketing widget will introduce your shoppers to new products that they previously didn’t even know existed, increasing the likelihood of their adding one more item into the shopping cart. This widget also helps you demonstrate the full breadth of the product selection available to your customer, which is a valuable tool in encouraging them to keep coming back.


2. Personalize the Shopper Experience. On your homepage and the category pages, make it easy for your customers to find what they were looking at the last time they were on your website. Like a friendly and mindful salesperson, this can quickly put a return visitor at ease by offering a personalized touch and making it easier for them to pick up where they left off.


3. Tell Your Shoppers What Other Customers Are Buying, Because They Just Might Want to Buy it, too!  This is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, and it needs to go onto your Product Pages, because it is guaranteed to improve sales results. Strands has many different flavours of these marketing widgets - you can customize the headers, change the look and feel in an instant and format them differently anywhere on the page.


4. Take Advantage of UpSell Opportunities.  You've worked hard to get a customer to your site, do don't get shy now and limit the number of potential products they see, especially when you know they would be interested in them. Instead, offer them complementary products that Strands algorithms have verified are of interest to them and help them fill up their shopping carts!


5. And Don’t Forget to Cross-Sell: Cross-selling is a key to increasing cart sizes and expanding your customer relationship. The cross-sell marketing widgets should go on the Product Detail and Shopping Cart Pages. Our smart merchandising algorithms will find the right product matches for the main items that your customers are considering buying.


Like a good friend helping your customer pick out just the right skirt or top, or a savvy salesperson recommending a purse that complements the outfit perfectly, the Strands Recommendation Engine can make your site’s eCommerce shopping experience more fun and productive for your customer, and more profitable for you.

Please contact us with any questions; or if you're not already a Strands Retail user and you'd like to see the  recommendation engine in action, simply:

Request a Demo 



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