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Mobile World Congress 2016 Recap | Ecommerce industry highlights

Posted by Vaida Pakulyte on Feb 26, 2016 11:52:41 AM


The Mobile World Congress wrapped up this week, and it was an incredible event. MWC has always been the place where people go to learn more about the most innovative technologies, latest trends in ecommerce, and to debate key issues in the industry. In 2016, the congress continued to lead the discourse. It´s impossible to follow everything so we´ve handpicked the best ecommerce related bits for you. 

Mobile Payments entering disruptive era

One of the key topics this year was the potential of mobile payments, and how will it revolutionize omnichannel experiences. Even if 2016 still won´t be the year of upstream mobile payments, it is no longer about just paying with mobile. It is really about combining various strategies to improve online shopping and add value during the payment process. The future is about creating an open ecosystem where key players like PayPal can combine offerings to online shoppers. Plus, Mastercard has confirmed it will be accepting selfie photos and fingerprints as an alternative to passwords when purchasing online. Big retailers like Alibaba have recently been demoing with a pay-with-your-face system and it only proves that that biometrics will be a way to authenticate people’s identities and to conclude a transaction.

Autonomous Commerce

Just like mobile payments are not an overnight revolution, autonomous ecommerce has come a long way in the last few years. As the IoT is making its way into retail space, it will be more and more common to make purchases without any human intervention. Devices used everyday will be making purchases instead of us and machine learning will be analyzing our needs, wishes, intentions in order to make decisions for us.

Reinventing brick and mortar stores

The Brick-and-mortar store model has obviously changed since the founding of e-commerce. Digital innovation is constantly happening and converging online and physical, but could retailers use data analytics and technology in order to offer even more exciting and experimental in-store experience?

And last, as usual, all the handset manufacturers kicked off with loads of new announcements and new gadgets. Perhaps one of the least expected highlights in retail space was Samsung´s one-of-a-kind digital playground and cultural center in the heart of New York city, where culture and technology collide. The digital store has no cash registers or screens to make a purchase - it is purely about product experience - auditoriums for special events, content experiences, big digital screens, broadcasting studio, virtual reality tunnel, art installations, screenings and much more. It´s a playground to discover the product.

The life-blood of every event is the people in attendance, so we asked what other MWC attendees think about this years event and innovations presented


Davor Sutija, CEO, Thin Film Electronics ASA


"I feel that MWC2016 was exceptional in terms of meeting prospective customers and partners, as it is now bringing together not only traditional participants in the mobile industry but also brands and software firms that see the transformational opportunities in using NFC (near field communication) to extend the traditional conception of IoT to the Internet of Everything. As over 1 billion phones now include NFC, and with an expected doubling to 2 billion in 2016, the use cases are now expanding rapidly. It was very interesting to see all the retail innovations and advanced technologies"

Were you lucky enough to attend? Let us know and tell us about your experiences or opinions about what we’ve written here. And for more Mobile World Congress stories, head here.

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