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Comprehensive Guide To Conversion Optimization For E-commerce

Posted by Vaida Pakulyte on Aug 23, 2016 1:55:17 PM

It doesn’t matter whether you sell soccer goods or Greek yogurt, all e-commerce retailers have one target: sell more.

Conversion rates are the primary metric for e-commerce websites. The more conversions you get, the higher your revenue and wider the reach. When it comes to conversion optimization on this platform, small changes can give you significant results.

We've devised a list of some e-commerce conversion optimization strategies that can reconstruct your e-commerce website into a leader from a mediocre performer. Let's take a look.

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The Best Ways to Use Personalization in B2B E-commerce Industry

Posted by Vaida Pakulyte on Aug 17, 2016 10:05:47 AM

The business-to-business marketplace is constantly evolving. While the consumer-driven B2C e-commerce scene is getting more and more advanced every day with players like Amazon and Netflix, B2B companies are accelerating too and expecting the same level of personalized experiences when buying online.

According to the Forrester predictions, total B2B e-commerce sales worldwide will reach $6.7 trillion by 2020, accounting for 27% of all B2B sales. Having a customer-centric omni-channel approach to digital strategy, personalization is a necessity - no matter whether you are in the B2B or B2C space.

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A 5-Step Checklist to Get Your E-commerce Ready for the Holiday Season

Posted by Vaida Pakulyte on Aug 10, 2016 11:32:33 AM

The holiday season is coming very soon and if you still haven´t started, now it is the time to map out your marketing campaigns in order to drive the most revenue for your business this year. These 5 steps are everything you might need to turn an average Holiday season into a great one!

Related: 2015 Holiday Seasons Trends & Facts

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Back to School E-commerce 2016 Trends and Campaigns to try

Posted by Vaida Pakulyte on Aug 3, 2016 5:00:00 PM

Are you gearing up for back-to-school campaigns on your site? As we are sure you already know, back-to-school is the 2nd busiest shopping season of the year. If you want your e-commerce business to rock the back-to-school season, you have to start now, because according to emarketer, the 2016 back-to-school shopping season will grow around 2.6% over last year. Below are some ideas that you can still implement!

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5 Strategies for Creating M-commerce that Converts Visitors into Customers

Posted by Vaida Pakulyte on Jul 27, 2016 3:10:02 PM

In 2015, Google announced that for the first time ever, it was seeing more searches on mobile devices than on desktops. Integrating m-commerce merchandising best practises is more than just an added bonus now - it's an absolute necessity for a seamless omnichannel retail experience. In fact, 57% of mobile shoppers will abandon a website if it doesn't load within 3 seconds and is not mobile-optimized. 

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Key Challenges, Opportunities and Imperatives for Retailers in Middle East

Posted by Vaida Pakulyte on Jul 18, 2016 11:00:24 AM

The strong growth in The Middle East compared to the rest of the world is nothing new and even though political instability in the region has been slowing growth recently, e-commerce purchases still rose by 45% last year, compared to growth of just 20% and 35% in Europe and Asia respectively. Strong consumer purchasing power, coupled with the world’s highest internet and smart-phone penetration contribute to such high growth.

There is a lot of potential in 2016 and the upcoming years for ecommerce companies in The Middle East. Let's look at what are the biggest opportunities for retailers operating there are, and hear some expert opinions about what could be the biggest growth drivers in the market.

Source: Econsultancy

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4 Retention Campaigns that Retailers Still Fail to Implement

Posted by Vaida Pakulyte on Jul 11, 2016 4:11:27 PM

When you focus on growing your e-commerce business, it seems logical to spend all the time looking for new ways to attract buyers to your site and convert. However now that a shopper can so easily go to a competitor's site and find another place to buy the same products, it´s crucial to have a retention strategy in place.

According to the Harvard Business School, increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%. In addition, with the rising cost of customer acquisition, increasing customer retention and decreasing churn rate is an area you should focus on. With best practises and insights from working with hundreds of retailers, we are here to help you drive more revenue. Here are a few of our retention strategies that you might want to consider:  

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4 Biggest E-commerce Personalization Mistakes. Are they holding you back?

Posted by Vaida Pakulyte on Jul 7, 2016 9:48:56 AM

When it comes to personalization, Amazon pioneered and leveraged the idea and now over 30% of their revenue is attributable to it.  Luckily there's room for everyone to be competitive in this arena.

While a lot of retailers think significant revenue coming directly from personalization is unlikely, retailers who use personalization right are proof that it happens. Why some retailers are not seeing the bang for the buck that they would like, the reason is they often make some pretty common mistakes in personalizing their shopping experience.

Read on to learn about 4 personalization mistakes that can damage your conversion rates and some tips to avoid them, with example of companies who've successfully employed these tactics.

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E-commerce Champion Breakfast with James Dillon: How Digital is Transforming Retail?

Posted by Vaida Pakulyte on Jul 1, 2016 2:40:12 PM


There are champions across all the industries today. Strands “E-commerce Champion Breakfast” series features e-commerce experts who are currently changing the retail world. Our first champion is James Dillon.

As Content Manager at e-commerce marketing agency, Gorilla 360 - James tells stories for a living. Sometimes they are true. Always they are crafted to help brands delight, educate and funny-bone-tickle their audiences into coming back for more. He’s super passionate (read: obsessive) about e-commerce content marketing, and dedicated to teaching online retailers how to create their own repeat-customer-generating machine. Make sure you subscribe for a weekly package of e-commerce learning from James and the rest of the Gorilla 360 team. Read his interview here:

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5 Essential Ways to Personalize your Category Page

Posted by Vaida Pakulyte on Jun 29, 2016 11:23:38 AM

Retailers often overlook the value of having optimized category pages. As customers get closer to what they are looking for, it is an excellent opportunity to enhance the product discovery experience. This means it is your opportunity to introduce new brands, lines, and models. Setting up strong personalization logic and automated merchandising settings will give you a strong competitive advantage - the better product discovery experience you will create, the more likely buyers will come back.

Today, let's take a deeper look at 5 different merchandising and personalization practices that you can apply to your category pages.

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