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Shopping and Ditching – Making Progress in Cart Abandonment

Posted by Paul Kaye on Apr 9, 2015 1:00:00 PM

2015-04-08_1715Shopping cart abandonment – when a consumer fills the cart but fails to complete the purchase – is a complicated challenge facing every online retailer.

While there certainly are technological aspects to the problem, lowering abandonment rates really comes down to understanding consumer behavior and how your shoppers are perceiving and using the cart.

With good shopping and customer behavior data, however, taking steps to curbing the problem can be easier.

A joint study of shopping cart abandonment

A recent study (with collaboration from Bronto Software and Magento Software) looked into the causes of shopping cart abandonment and what it all means to online retailers. (Self-promotion plug: Strands Retail Recommendation Engine works seamlessly with both of these platforms).

The results of this study offer valuable information for retailers who are trying to lower their cart abandonment rates.

In our continuous effort to help online retailers solve their greatest challenges, we’ve added our own insight and data into the study, and have published the results in our white paper, “Understanding and Lowering Shopping Cart Abandonment.”

The following insights from the paper can make a difference to your bottom line:

  • What four uses are your customers finding for your shopping cart besides completing a purchase?
  • What other online store feature could dramatically reduce abandonment if offered in conjunction with the shopping cart?
  • Does your physical store need a mobile app to compete today?
  • How distracting or “Big Brother-like” are your cart abandonment follow-up emails?

Learn this and more by downloading the whitepaper now.


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