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Supercharge your Recommendation Engine for Holiday Shopping

Posted by Vaida Pakulyte on Oct 22, 2015 11:00:00 AM

The best and busiest season for retailers is right around the corner. And thanks to mobile—eager, web-savvy shoppers are likely at your digital doors right now. What’s more, they expect a lot. 73% of consumers prefer to do business with brands that use personal information to make their shopping experiences more relevant (Digital Trends). Are you on the right track? If you’re knee-deep in holiday retail strategies but haven’t decided which one to set in motion first, revving your recommendation engine might do more for your holiday numbers than you realize.

There’s probably more mileage in your recommendation engine than you ever thought possible. Getting ahead of the holidays right now might just come down to tightening the screws.

Take tagging to the next level.

When is the last time you really looked at everything in your catalog list, across your promotions and in your client data set in terms of how deep the data is or could be? New tagging technologies exist that allow retailers to extract even more value from the data they have to really pinpoint who their customer is, what appeals to them and how discounts, promotions and social media are influencing their behavior and driving conversion.

Make sure your system is taking in data across all their devices.

Your shoppers are everywhere. On a laptop one moment, a smart phone the next. If your recommendation engine isn’t set to leverage consumer behavior data across every device, you’re losing out on what amounts to little bits and pieces of personalization gold. One thing you might think about leveraging to make your recommendations more valuable is taking in location-based data via Geo Targeting. What’s more relevant than engaging with your consumer right where they are? 

Get into the giving spirit.

An important thing to remember about holiday shoppers when it comes to ensuring your recommendations are relevant is that most of the time your consumers are going to be shopping for someone else. An easy way to not just manage, but leverage this seasonal variable is to incorporate wish list functionality into your recommendation system. Besides creating an environment that allows you to isolate, analyze and act on the data belonging to each gift recipient, incorporating a wish list can help lesson stress for your shoppers and is welcome evidence of your commitment to personalized shopping bliss. Wish lists can be used by consumers to easily compare products, can be tagged to generate reminder emails of shopping still left to do and can be shared with other shoppers. Not only does this sharing engage new prospects with your brand, all of the actions made on your site’s behalf prompt additional consumer behavior that has the potential to be turned into revenue-enhancing data. 

Make changes now.

Making even the smallest changes to your recommendation engine right now can get you started down a path to the kind of holiday success that rewards experience-minded retailers all year long. Your shoppers are looking to you this year again for that perfect gift for someone special. Look to your recommendation engine to deliver that and then some. Find out even more ways to Maximize the Performance of your Product Recommendation Software.

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