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The Real Role Email Recommendations Play in the eCommerce Conversion Process

Posted by Paul Kaye on Jan 21, 2016 7:14:37 PM

Email recommendations

If you’ve been doing ecommerce for any amount of time you’re probably pretty well versed on what a conversion funnel is and how it serves to acquire customers, turn them into buyers and continuously generate added revenue from an established client base. But there are, of course, a lot of moving parts when it comes down to the different strategies companies use to get all this work done.

Email marketing is one such strategy being used in very sophisticated ways to engage with customers at every touchpoint in the buying journey and drive them closer to conversion. Adding personalized recommendations to email is a very specific and effective conversion tactic. But what real role does it play? When, where and why is it used? How does engaging customers with email recommendations actually encourage clients to buy?

The role of email recommendations

The role of email recommendations is to keep customers engaged, to keep them interested in what you have to say and sell, and to cement in their minds that it’s your product they want and your company they trust. Recommendation-laden emails are physical reminders of where the customer has been, what they shopped for, and what they may still have left to do by subtly asking things like: Did you mean to abandon your cart? Don’t forget you might need this too. We have something on sale we know you will like! They are also soft psychological markers that emanate feelings of genuine concern, empathy and understanding on behalf of a company for that customer.

86% of consumers say personalization plays a role in their purchasing decisions (Infosys). That said, most retailers know that implementing personalized product recommendations is definitely making headway somewhere along the conversion funnel. But how exactly have email recommendation strategies earned a reputation as the “secret sauce” of ecommerce funnel design?

  1. Online shoppers are growing weary of the amount of coupon codes and incentives stacking up in their email inboxes. Emails that are personalized with subject lines that map the very point of a single customer’s shopping journey (Do you need more info on that item in your cart? Thanks for your order, how did we do with your delivery?) stand out from the inbox clutter and resonate well with consumers. Once these emails are opened, including personalized recommendations that continue to map directly with their journey acts as another insightful nudge towards conversion.
  1. Merging the customer journey across devices as well as between online and in-store interactions isn’t easy. The buying journey is no longer linear, rather very sporadic as customers move from in-store interactions to online and back again—across multiple devices. Email recommendations are helping to close this omni-channel gap—reinforcing to customers on a very individual level just how well a company knows who they are, how they like to shop and what they need to push them towards conversion now or at some later date.

Online recommendation strategies began as a way to create a more personalized customer journey across a company’s website. And it has worked. But now consumers want more. Email recommendations provide the motion click-to-brick retailers require to align their conversion strategies in context with each customer’s very individual buying journey. Quite simply, email recommendations provide the gas that encourages customers not to stop, but to continue to inch along towards an ultimate conversion—regardless of what shape that path takes.

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