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Upcoming eCommerce Innovations of 2016

Posted by Paul Kaye on Jan 8, 2016 7:37:22 PM

New_Years_Celebrations_With_Fireworks_In_Las_Vegas.jpgWhether you ushered in 2016 feeling ahead of the ecommerce technology curve or still have some catching up to do, one thing is certain: ecommerce innovation is constant. If you can wait long enough, have room on your calendar and money in the marketing budget, attending a top industry summit this year may be one resolution to consider to maintain your ecommerce edge. If not, getting a feel for what others are making room for in their 2016 strategies, and making a plan to incorporate what works for you, is a great way to start the new year. Here are just some of the things you can expect to see more companies moving towards in the year ahead:

Merging the online and in-store experience 

There used to be a fairly clear line dividing demographics by those who preferred a brick-and-mortar experience to those who shopped online. Today, maximizing customer conversions has become a sophisticated strategy for both. Data-driven companies will be the best at this, of course, as merging the two experiences will require some pretty heavy data lifting.  

Some examples of how stores are implementing a more holistic approach to understanding and shaping the customer buying journey include: 

  • Tracking social data, like Pinterest pins, to identify trending products and promote them in-store, marked by physical product signage to social media references. 
  • In-store touchscreens encouraging social media participation suggest a more immersive experience, and aid associates to promote a better customer experience across both channels.   
  • Leveraging existing digital data to deliver contextual value in-store is key. This might include something like an “in-store mode” on the retailer’s mobile app that uses geofencing to offer targeted services to in-store customers (as per Forrester predictions).  

Gaining more spend from younger shoppers 

Digital strategies equipped to successfully engage minors aged 12-17 will become more lucrative as innovations in mobile payment methods are circumventing this group’s previous inability to pay by personal credit card. For example, Apple Pay makes is possible for teens to confirm a payment by using the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, where money is transferred directly from his’ or hers’ parent’s mobile wallet.  

Other mobile payment innovators are capitalizing on the millennial generation’s affection for social media by creating payment opportunities within existing social environments including Facebook and Pinterest. 

Incorporating alternative shipping options 

As customer expectation for expedited (often same-day) delivery increases, retailers must cater to this new normal in order to remain competitive. That said, a lot of eyes in 2016 will be on top innovators in the “freelance delivery” industry whose courier-service and crowdsourcing methods are shortening delivery times and opening up new ways for retailers to increase customer satisfaction. Big names to watch for in this space include UberRUSH and Amazon Flex. 

As with everything ecommerce today, retailers with the most reliable digital-driven strategies will be best equipped to capitalize on these and other ecommerce innovations in the works.  

If you’re interested in finding out how Strands can jumpstart or enhance your 2016 ecommerce strategy and position you to better leverage innovation every day of the year:  

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